Training / Demo Request System

Pre-Sales Demo

Pre-Sales Demo;

Please come prepared to discuss your requirements!

(1 hour)

Lodgix Training - Beginner

Lodgix Training - Beginner;

Review property setup, universal rules and important settings.

(1 hour)

Lodgix Training - Advanced

Lodgix Training - Advanced;

Review invoicing, payment gateways and triggers.

(1 hour)

Inquiry Management Training

Inquiry Management Training;

Review of the inquiry management module including setup, use of templates and autoresponders, use of the autosuggest merge tag (and setup), creating quotes, editing quotes and creating a booking from an inquiry.

(1 hour)

Miscellaneous Training

Miscellaneous Training;

In the notes section, please note what component of Lodgix you would like to review.

(1 hour)